Delight as Demian von Metzengerstein, Fool
and Acrobat, performs for your pleasure.
Tremble as Mitzi and Mauzi, Hellcats of the
Hire Wire, defiy death with her aerial
Cheer as Lilu, the Hideous Night Daemon, is
tamed with fire and fortitude.
Gasp at Les Poupées Merveileuses, the
mechanical marvels who dance, play the
piano and perform a number of feats only
hitherto attributed to human beings.
Marvel as Madeleine Besson, Child Prodigy,
reads minds and performs feats of telekinesis
without the aid of mirrors or wires.
Smile as Highgate, the God of Small
Pleasures, enhances your enjoyment of our
Watch you pockets as Bosch, our Miniature
Master of Prestidigitation, shows how he can
disappear your wallet with his effortless
sleight of hand.
Visit Zulime LaBeau, mystical fortune-teller
and Mistress of the Occult, and see how the
threads of your past are woven into the
fabric of your future.
Stand in awe as Horse, the World Famous
wild animal tamer, shows superhuman
fortitude in the face of fear.
Wonder at the enigma that is Maus, Circus
Master and international impresario.
Celebrate with Signor Palladino Del Cielo,
L'Angelo della Pietà, whose recent
performance at Her Majesty’s Theatre
caused such a sensation.
And relax in the capable hands of Le Comte
Ringmaster and your genial host as you
explore the NachtZirkus.

We are proud to introduce our world famous troupe of monsters, misfits and miscreants whose pleasure it is to entertain you. 
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