Welcome, dear visitor, to the library of the NachtZirkus.  Settle yourself into a chair by the fire, take a small glass of Armagnac and enjoy the tales that we have to tell of
the Strangest Show on Earth.  One day, these narratives will join together to give a full account of the Zirkus.  For now, they are short stories telling events of the group
and its members, of how they came to be in the Zirkus and of the events of their lives. 

We repeat our warning, gentle visitor, that the content of some of these stories may offend the young or those of a nervous disposition.  Please proceed only if you have the
age, strength of spirit and hardness of heart to withstand such horrors.
THE BEGINNING  This is the first story of the NachtZirkus.  It tells of how the death of Madeleine's mother leads her on a quest to find the father she
has never met.  Warning: strong language.
THE MEETING   Madeleine's quest takes her to The Seventh Circle, a private club in London.  Here she makes an important discovery.  Warning: 
Erotic content.
I'LL BE YOUR DOG   A short tale of how Horse helped his friend fulfil a special fantasy.  Warning:  Explicit sexual content.
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