This area of the circus, Ladies and Gentlemen, is devoted to the images by which we create the NachtZirkus.  The subjects are the members of the troupe, as represented
by dolls, toys, and the other forgotten relics of childhood.  Some images will relate directly to the events of the circus and in others our troupe will play out brief charades by
which to entertain you.

The gallery at the Nachtzirkus is currently being rehung.  We beg your indulgence whilst we arrange the pictures to our liking.  The images presented are a small selection of
what is on offer.  More will be added in time.  For the minute, we hope that these will be enough to whetyour appetite.

We remind you that these images may be saved to your hard drive for your own, sordid pleasure.  However, we respectfully request that they are not used or displayed for
any other purpose without prior permission.
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